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Kākou is the word for the Hawaiian value of inclusiveness. It means “all of us” and “we are in this together.” Kākou is very unifying when applied to language, and all are taught to learn, speak, and practice “the language of we.” Coupled with the value of Lōkahi (teamwork), Kākou promotes synergy as a habit of creation which seeks additional solutions and alternatives.
(Managing with Aloha, 2004 – Rosa Say)

Kakou’s mission is to promote social cohesion through respect, inclusion and diversity using the power of the engineering sciences and the creative arts.

We believe that when barriers are removed, disabled people can be independent and equal in society. Through collaboration, encouraging diversity in our social groups and enhancing peoples’ understanding of differences; the arts can help tackle both prejudice and accessibility, moving towards a fairer, more caring and more inclusive society.